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BEMÆRK: Denne side har intet at gøre med min danske side,
The note is only for the Danish visitors ;-)

Hi and welcome to me downloading site of old cartoons. There's no search bar, but the cartoon titles is in alphabetic order. There's not so many URL links/downloads by the moment, but they will appear soon or later. ;-) ENJOY!

Season 1 (complete): DOWNLOAD.
Season 2 (complete): DOWNLOAD.
Passover: - Sorry not available more. :-(
Preschool Daze Picture Imperfect: DOWNLOAD.
Tales from the Grib, Snow white: DOWNLOAD.
s1x1 - Tommy's Birthday, part 1: CLICK HERE.
s1x1 - Tommy's Birthday, part 2: CLICK HERE.

Hey Arnold
Episodes of Season 1: CLICKHERE.
Episodes of Season 2: CLICK HERE.
Episodes of Season 3: CLICK HERE.
Episodes of Season 4: CLICK HERE.
Episodes of Season 5: CLICK HERE.

Source: - thanks to bigdawg8412!

Angry Beavers
For some Angry Beavers downloads, check this website: ANGRY BEAVERS
Source: - thanks to cartoonfreak!
Angry Beavers Complete Collection (All Episodes!): DOWNLOAD.

Season 1 (complete): DOWNLOAD.
Doug's Christmas Story: DOWNLOAD.
Doug's Fair Lady / Doug Says Goodbye: DOWNLOAD.
Source: - thanks to TMNT, for Christmas Story and Fair lady/Says goodbye.

Here is a lot of Ducktales episodes!: DUCKTALES

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Here's some TMNT episodes and movies :-) Hope you like: TMNT

The Wild Thornberrys
Looking for episodes of the Wild Thornberrys? Then click here: WILD THORNBERRYS
Here is other cartoons, from that website! CLICK HERE.

Source: - thanks to TMNT!

All Grown Up
All Grown Up Season 1: CLICK HERE.

Rocko's Modern Life
Turkey time/Floundering Fathers: DOWNLOAD.
Source: - thanks to TMNT

Are You Afraid Of The Dark/AYAOTD
Here is most/all episodes of the "Are you afraid of the Dark" tv show: CLICK HERE.
Source: - thanks to campbellsoup2307!

Do you know any places to download "FREE" cartoon videos? - Then please let me know :-D . send me an e-mail:

For downloading some of the cartoon videos, you need a filesharing program.
Here's some of the filesharing/downloading programs.

Bittorrent: DOWNLOAD HERE!

My site is still strongly under construction. I'll work on my site, almost eveyday! So stay connected, for updates. :-)